Social media – get serious

This week I have been looking at the honeycomb framework for social media – the framework was developed so organisations can understand the functions of different social networks. Organisations can then compare their business objectives with the framework and choose the best social networks to suit what they want to achieve.

The framework has seven functional blocks
1. Identity – what personal information is shared
2. Conversations – how much is communicated
3. Sharing – do people exchange, distribute and receive content
4. Presence – am I aware of others on the network
5. Relationships – do people develop relate to others
6. Reputation – the level of trust with others
7. Groups – are people ordered or do they form communities

According to the framework most social networks tend to concentrate on three or four of the blocks.

For example – YouTube focuses on sharing, conversations, groups and reputation. Facebook focuses on relationships, identity, conversations and presence.

By understanding the frameworks, organisations can determine which existing platforms will add value to their organisation. Instead of spreading themselves thin – organisations can focus on a few social networks which match their business goals and objectives and in turn develop better relationships with their consumers.

The video summaries it nicely

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